Honor Resources Company Current Openings

Written by Administrator
Monday, 17 August 2009 22:33

We will post any openings for new contractor field positions on the www.Landmen.net Job Bank and/or the MLBC Job Bank

Work for the Best!

If you are an honest, hard-working, knowledgeable, educated, and experienced land professional this is what we offer:

1. Competitive day rates.

2. Get paid two weeks after you submit an invoice (no 30-60 day hold backs on pay).

3. Pay increases based upon periodic performance reviews, not “who you know”.

4. Productivity and performance standards maintained for each project so you know what is expected.

5. Long-term, well-established clients that maintain on-going projects.

6. Solid, experienced managers that know and understand land work and are always available to answer questions.

7. Organized and efficient management of every project, large or small.  No chaos!

8. We promote our management people from within – opportunity to advance for outstanding leaders.

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